Malevolent Gladiator

posted on 17 Sep 2013 09:15 by tongcuiloveyou
All you need to do is to check out a NPC, choose your devices item you want to update, pay with rights / valor factors and voil224;!, your item got better!Now, to describe everything, here is how factors will go:A new Heavenly NPC was included to the group of Gap Storage, Reforge and Transmogrification NPCs. This new one is an Item Upgrader. He can update any 458 iLevel item or higher.If you wonder where can you update your items, well, since the new NPC is an Heavenly he likes to hang out around his type, that's why you should look for the Transmogrification NPC and the Item upgrader is going to be right next to him.

 So, ask a protected in Stormwind and/or Orgrimmar or if you want you will discover these NPCs in the Area of Everlasting Flowers in your faction Shire.Here are the present items for your upgrades:Can be enhanced only once:PvE Blues: Justice Factor Benefits, Heroic Dungeon Gear - 1500 Justice Points (+8 iLevels)PvP Blues: Dreadful Gladiator - 1500 Honor Points (+8 iLevels)Can be enhanced twice:PvE Epics: BoEs, LFR, Regular, Heroic Raids, Valor Factor Benefits, Crafted Gear - 750 Valor Points (+4 iLevels)PvP Epics: Malevolent Gladiator - 750 Conquest Points (+4 iLevels)The item tooltips were modified as well. Now the secondary statistics are shown the same as primary ones now, but in organic shade and the Upgrade stage was included to the item too.We do not know what will occur with the upcoming legendaries, but fairly sure the legendary items are not going to be upgradeable.Let us know what do you think about this new feature? What are you planning to update first? I'm fairly sure everyone will go for their weaponry.

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