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posted on 22 Sep 2013 08:50 by tongcuiloveyou
lack of centrality, chronic tale gave a name, but Osborne and Ogilvie don't think this is a question. I don't even think  action need to have a main tale, or I don't think it is necessary first of all the tale using the traditional way. Ogilvie said. The main tale  start technique can be described as yuan narrative: it is a tale about the tale, the numerous little tale together type a finish tale. This is very simple to fan mistake is that the gamer must keep tale content, Osborne said, you can never meet a keen on players, no matter how many you have the sources, your thoughts and figure out always separated.

Due to submission in 150 nations with the comprehensive wide range of population, the tale  must meet the needs of players. We execute most of the success of the reason is that can be quickly agree to, Osborne said. our tale is no different, because we technique is for players. We are not going to technique our tale or  or age for any action content, he said,so, way of life or record identification requirements to remain in the tiniest restrict. Our tale often depend on efficient understanding design, our humorousness is also being affected by globalization consider, use and Pixar movement movie the same way.

Erika iResearch speaking with organization according to  lately launched data show that Feb 2008 globally action industry is still the greatest winners in the blizzard of up-date, accounting for 62.3% of the organization, holding a safe lead in other activities. Although the up-date obvious advantages, but in the list of the most awesome is ranked second Jagex LTD. By the growth of web action , accounting for Gold.

The  is the only one web activities can media into the Cheap WOW Gold top three, the strength is not look down upon it, in the encounter players can make money is not a oh, although do not motivate residence sales, but it still has a certain value of flow. According to details, the  is the growth of jagex LTD in a real web page JAVA action, the encounter is in English, in China suppliers providers there are a few players, at present no China suppliers version, the encounter doen't personal download customer, if the pc doen't have installed the JAVA control, first period of your energy and attempt in the encounter, which will be convinced to set up JAVA control.